There was a young woman named Dinah

Whose disease was worse than angina.

She smells like a queef

Cause she wouldn’t eat beef

And now everyone calls her Vegina.



There was a gynecologist from China

Who took a papsmear from Dinah,

He got a good whiff

which caused a big tiff

Since he shoved a big cork in her vegina!



There once was a boy named Ted

Whose girl had a real gift for head.

But because of all the veggies she ate,

He never would ever reciprocate,

So her “vegina” went to his best friend instead.



A kinky old mate from Australia

Dabbled in sex paraphenalia.

He sniffed a flask from China

Filled with “eau de Vegina”

And swore that it cured all that could ail ya.



The stink of her vegan putrescent “vegina”

Caused me such pangs of spasmodic angina

That I wouldn’t put my lips

Within a foot of her hips

For all of the chamomile teabags in China.



There once was a vegan named Dinah

Who served a big meal on bone China.

Though the food smelled delicious

What was truly malicious

Was the stench that arose from her vegina.


"That stink," said a wise man from China,

“Gives me spells of angina!

If you only would eat

A bit of my meat

I won’t be forced to call it ‘vegina’!”



A feminist vegan was disgusted by meat

And found that her privates smelled surprisingly sweet

When the boys who would date her

Attempted to mate her

She cried, "No meat-eaters penis will enter MY seat!"